A Snapshot of Berry 2007-2010

Photographic Historical book of Berry

Letter from Goulburn Councillor, Carol James


 Ms Kim Dove

415 Agars Lane, Berry NSW 2535                                                                 

14th February, 2011.


Dear Kim,

I love your book "A Snapshot of Berry 2007-2010"

You captured the character of the community & showed the town to be a welcoming and very happy & inclusive place to live and work.

I was so impressed that I have shown your book to several of our councillors at Goulburn Mulwaree and have asked our grants officers to see if they can find funding to do something similar to celebrate Goulburn's 150th Birthday in 2013.

This is a real coffee table piece, a great gift and a wonderful way of keeping a lasting history of the town of Berry & its people.


  Good luck with your next venture!!


  Yours truly,


   Carol James

   Councillor @ Goulburn Mulwaree Council