A Snapshot of Berry 2007-2010

Photographic Historical book of Berry

Ideas for Snapshot of Berry 2011-2015

Just to let you know,  I have been very busy photographing since the beginning of 2011 and have continued capturing people, events, community etc.  I am looking at following the by-pass through Berry and all the issues leading up to it.  I have captured some "behind the scenes photos of the Berry Show.  I put some photos in at the Show this year and won the "Study of a person in Berry"section with a photo I took of Patsy Downes, at her Dairy Farm on the day she auctioned all her cows to retire after a life time of dairying in Berry. See the photo below.

I would love some feedback or ideas, so please feel free to contact me. -  Kim Dove


Chris Robinson, in the Creek exercising his horses.